Month: January 2019

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The Amazing Wild Eye Mara Camp Staff

If you have not been to the Wild Eye Mara Camp you are missing out. You are missing out on incredible game viewing. You are missing out on an authentic and truly African safari experience. You are missing out on incredible memories and friendships. But more than this you are missing out on meeting and spending time with some of the most amazing, real, respectful and special people you could…

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First Glimpse, Jaguars of the Pantanal Safari Experience

I’ve just returned from one of the greatest adventures of my life and certainly one of the most exciting safari experiences that Wild Eye has on offer. Brazil’s Pantanal delivered incredible encounter after incredible encounter. From waking up to the dawn chorus of a 100 different birds on a cattle ranch, to photographing macaws flying across a giant sinkhole. We were able to walk within a couple of feet of…

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Making Friends in the Masai Mara – A Journalist’s Perspective

I know that our Wild Eye Mara Camp is amazing. Our guests, that have experienced our incredible piece of Africa, know that the Wild Eye Mara Camp is amazing. A few weeks ago award-winning multi-media producer at South Africa’s Eyewitness News, Christa Eybers, visited the Wild Eye camp and now she also knows that the Wild Eye Mara Camp and the Masai Mara is amazing. Christa recently published a short…

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Trip Report: Mana Pools Photo Safari 9-14 October 2018

There are certain destinations in Africa that just have to be on your bucket list, and Mana Pools is without a doubt one of those destinations. This beautiful park nestled in the the Lower Zambezi Valley, has been documented across all social media platforms and has become famous for its breathtaking Albida Forests and the gorgeous golden light that passes through it in the early morning and late afternoon hours.…

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Wild Eye Diaries Episode 30

Episode 30 hosted by Trevor McCall-Peat This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro Trevor 04:19 – Alistair goes behind the scenes in the Masai Mara 06:28 – Mike reflects on the past week in the Mara and shares his thoughts on the rest of the season 09:34 – Johan discusses his next few weeks of safari 11:34 – Marlon is currently in the Pantanal and will give an update next week.…

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Wild Eye Diaries Episode 31

Episode 31 hosted by Andrew Beck This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro Andrew 02:00 – Mike shares some thoughts on his upcoming Masai Mara Experience Safaris 09:56 – Alistair chats about his time in the Masai mara and his upcoming Best of Botswana Safari 13:31 – Trevor chats bout the most recent content on the Wild Eye Blog 25:55 – Johan shares highlights from his recent Kruger Photo Safari 31:16…

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Wild Eye Diaries #32

Episode 32 hosted by Johan Van Zyl This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro by Johan followed by some experiences from South Luangwa and Mana Pools. 10:55 – Trevor shares some views on upcoming Safaris 15:18 – Mike gives us an update from the Masai Mara 16:57 – Gerry shares his first impressions on Madagascar 22:39 – Andrew shares a video from a recent Private Safari to Mana Pools and Chitake.


Negative Space vs Wasted Space

What are the differences? Us as the photographic facilitators on a safari do not only constantly remind our guests of their camera settings but of the composition/framing and one thing I often say is remember your “negative space”. Negative space is the space that you as photographer should leave in front your subject if it to look/move into as seen below; [caption id="attachment_5051" align="alignnone" width="567"] As you would of seen,…

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Wild Eye Diaries Episode 33

This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro by Andrew who chats briefly about current the Masai Mara Experience and Jaguars of the Pantanal Safaris which are on the go. 1:59 – Gerry chats about training and accountability in wildlife photography 11:37 – Alistair chats about his recent Best of Botswana Safari. 20:56 – Mike and Andrew discuss what makes our Madikwe Photo Safari so popular 31:28 – Johan shares an update…

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Wild Eye Diaries Episode 34

This episode includes: 00:35 – Introduction to Episode 34 – Alistair 04:38 – Trevor pops in for a brief update on his past two weeks in the Mara. More updates to follow soon. 07:07 – Mike provides us with an awesome highlights package of his last few months on safari! 19:42 – Johan speaks about his privately guided trip to both Cape Town and the Kruger National Park 23:05 –…