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Trip Report: May 2019 Botswana Wilderness Tour

I have to admit that Botswana’s Okavango Delta has a special place in my heart and the tours that I host there twice a year continue to deliver incredible sightings and experiences. I’m bucking the trend and sharing a slightly different take on the trip report for this years first of two departures. Rather than a day by day breakdown I’ve put together a highlights video which is then followed by highlights from each of the 3 camps that we visited during our 10 day tour.

I challenged each of the four guests to put together a portfolio of 10 images with a theme from our time on safari. This forced them to be a bit more specific in their processing and even in the selection of images and we spent most of the “down time between drives” editing and working on scenes for the various collections.

Here they are!

Mike Smith – Botswana in Black and White

Kerry Mills – Diversity of The Delta


If you’d like to find out more about this incredible tour and join me here in 2020, check out the tour page here.

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