Month: September 2019


Guest Blog: My first time in The Masai Mara and East Africa by Rob Terpelle

For me this was the first time in in East Africa. My selection of images reflect the great safari experience I had and in which I tried to create a diverse portfolio. This not only by animal diversity and composition, but also by trying new things like silhouettes, slow shutter and panning. This was also encouraged by both Andrew and Johan who were of great help in achieving that diversity…


Tech vs Creativity

This is a discussion that always comes up at some point during a photographic safari, how important is it to stay on top of the latest and greatest cameras & lenses and how big a part does your creativity play in your photographic journey? Personally I don't believe that a newer camera will automatically result in better images...  Yes upgrading your camera gear certainly does have it's benefits, and here's…


3 Reasons why I enjoy taking photos with a spotlight

From many past experiences, lots of photographers out there put their camera gear down as soon as the light starts to fade and darkness begins to set in. When it comes to photography, most of us like to stick to our comfort zones and yes this is fine, but what if we want to better ourselves? How do we grow as photographers? How do we increase our skill set? Well,…


The Most Spectacular Sunset

Hello everyone In this short blog I would like to share the below video with you all. This has by far been one of the most special moments I've been a part of in the Masai Mara and truly shouts out AFRICA! I hope it touches your heart as much as it did mine. [embedyt][/embedyt] Until next time; Happy Snapping! Michael Laubscher

Cover photo

Creating a diverse portfolio

One of the things that a lot of photographers struggle with, is to create a diverse portfolio. So many time either travelling to the same destination numerous times or photographing a particular subject the same way over and over again, photographers can often fall into the trap of doing the same thing time and time again. There are numerous ways of creating a more diverse portfolio, and I will highlight…

Masai Mara Great Migration August September 2019-5

An incredible 12 Hours in the Mara Triangle Conservancy

I've been very fortunate to spend several weeks in the Mara Triangle for the last 8 years and one thing is for certain, this part of the world always delivers when it comes to game viewing. Regardless of whether you visit in peak season or off season, the Mara will deliver. However, every now and then you have a day or a sighting which simply blows your mind. Even after…


Angles, Results, Reactions

Hello everyone Today I will be sharing images with you that are related to this blog title. In photography, we mostly shoot anything that catches our eye but while you're shooting, always remember to plan the shots well in advance. A good start will be to decide on the perfect angle and elements of the particular frame. Angles; In this case we will be displaying the lower angle. PLEASE only…

Wild Eye - Masai Mara - Lioness & Zebra03

An Epic Battle

I wanted to share a sighting with all of you from last year October when I was hosting a safari in the Masai Mara. While out on drive, we came across a lone lioness. We knew that she had cubs in the area and seeing as it was heating up, our thoughts were one of two things would happen, either she would find some shade and rest, or she could…


The best 2 weeks I’ve had in the Mara to date

I often find it fascinating that people are hesitant in visiting the same destination twice. Every single Safari and experience is different and unique, no matter how many times you've visited the particular destination. The Masai Mara is a destination that we are privileged enough to visit every year, sometimes even 3 or 4 times a year and every single trip is different. The recent 2 weeks that I had…


Got To Love Emotions

Hello everyone Over the past few days I have been venturing down memory lane a bit. On this journey down, a short video as you will see below, reminded me how much my guests reactions mean to me.  It's why I do what I do and also why I love what I do. [embedyt][/embedyt]   “People ultimately don’t care about the journey, if the end is worth it.”  ― Marie…