Month: October 2019

Michael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild Eye

Maasai Culture

The man you will see below is one of the most incredible men I know. His Name is Dickson Sakaya and he manages the Wild Eye Mara Camp along with his team with some seen below; I dare you, try as hard as you wish but I can assure you that you will not find more humble people in the country. Speaking of Kenya, I have recently returned from my…

Michael Laubscher - Amboseli

Experience The Amboseli

Have you ever seen or heard of this spectacular creature; This magnificent beast goes by the name - Tim, Tim the tusker. This massive male elephant roams the vast terrains of the Amboseli and over the years I've learnt that many folk travel to the Amboseli with high hopes of seeing this beautiful creature but sadly luck isn't always on ones side. In saying that I have also learnt that…


A Pure Moment

Hi all; This is not a long blog at all as I would jusy like to share this video with you all because to me; this is what its all about! [embedyt][/embedyt] I hope this convinces you to try it next time your out on safari. Until next time; Happy Snapping! Michael