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Mana Pools Adventure Trail

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  • The safari starts and ends at the Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe
  • 11 days in Mana Pools National Park
  • 3 Nights Chitake Springs
  • 2 Nights Sleeping beneath the stars
  • 5 Nights on the iconic floodplain of Mana Pools National Park
  • Guided encounters with Africa’s most dangerous large wildlife on foot
  • Fully inclusive of all meals, drinks, activities and internal flights from Harare
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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
  • Activity Level Challenging
  • Group Size Medium Group
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All about the Mana Pools Adventure Trail.


Nestled within the Zambezi Valley lies a creation of Nature still pure, splendid, untouched and wild. With the mighty Zambezi flowing to the North, the wooded floodplain to the South plays host to one of the most astonishing wildlife experiences in Africa. This Mana Pools Adventure Trail allows you the rare privilege to travel back in time to an Africa we all wish we knew, an Africa free of human encroachment, the Africa of your dreams.

Far removed from any urban landscape, Mana Pools has the special ability to transport you away from taxing modern-day living. Large elephant bulls balancing precariously on their hind-legs as they reach seven or eight meters into the canopy of an Ana Tree, prides of lion stalking Cape buffalo on the open floodplain during the heat of the day, or African wild dog running freely in pursuit of impala within the riverine forests.

Wildlife encounters are endless and intimate.

With this unique safari experience crafted by Wild Eye, we will showcase this park to you in a way very few people have experienced before.

It will start with 3 nights in one of Africa’s wildest destinations – Chitake Springs.

For the elite few who’ve heard of Chitake, let alone been there, it’s undoubtedly an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. The animals are wild, the camp remote with only one access road leading in to camp. All safaris here are conducted by foot as we explore the Chitake drainage system twice a day.

Apart from the small Chitake water source, there’s no other available water for many kilometers surrounding the area. This means every single animal in need of a drink visits the Chitake Spring. The water runs along a small but deep sandy drainage for just over 1 kilometer before vanishing into the sand. Our camp will be located right next to the stream along the banks under some well-shaded trees. From here we will walk the area in search of lion, elephant, buffalo, wild dogs and much more. Chitake is not the kind of place where you burn out the shutter of your camera. It’s about the experience of seeing Africa in a way you’ve never thought possible – wild to the maximum & fully immersed in nature.

We then walk through the park for 3 days exploring some beautiful areas, something only truly appreciated on foot & away from camps. We will carry basic supplies with us – a backpack equipped with snacks, water, bedding & a few other items – whilst the rest of the goods will be set up & waiting ahead of us. At night we will enjoy dinner around a fire, perhaps in a wide sandy riverbed or even under the canopy of an ancient Leadwood. There will be no tents as we will sleep in sleeping bags on padded groundsheets, with a blanket of stars to cover us. It’s the ultimate way to experience Mana Pools – completely immersed within the experience. There’s no telling what we could encounter on foot, but it will always be in the company of an incredible experienced Zimbabwe Professional Guide, as well as Andrew Beck. Your safety will always be our main mandate.

From here we will end our experience on the banks of the Zambezi River, in our well-loved Mana Pools Tented Camp. Our idyllic tented safari camp on this Mana Pools Photo Safari is located only meters away from the edge of the mighty Zambezi. The camp is warm & charming and is hosted by a team that puts your comfort & experience first. Exquisite cuisine, campfire stories & the sounds of Africa permeating your canvas tents all form part of an unforgettable encounter with Africa.

The remoteness of the park, the walking experience, the sheer size and the breathtaking beauty all come together to create an African experience unrivaled in equality.

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  1. Day 1 Arrival

    Arrival in Harare, scenic flight from Harare to Mana pools (approx 90 mins), transfer to Chitake Springs (approx 90 mins), overnight Chitake Springs

  2. Day 2 Chitake Springs

    Full day Chitake Springs

  3. Day 3 Chitake Springs

    Full Day Chitake Springs

  4. Day 4 Zambezi river

    Transfer to Zambezi river (approx 90 mins) and begin walk to first night sleepout point (Exact Route TBC)

  5. Day 5 Zambezi river

    Walk into second sleepout point (Exact Route TBC)

  6. Day 6 Mana Pools

    Drive to Mwinilunga Tented Camp, afternoon walk in Mana Pools Floodplain

  7. Day 7 Mana Pools Floodplain

    Full day Mana Pools Floodplain

  8. Day 8 Mana Pools Floodplain

    Full day Mana Pools Floodplain

  9. Day 9 Mana Pools Floodplain

    Full day Mana Pools Floodplain

  10. Day 10 Mana Pools Floodplain

    Full day Mana Pools Floodplain

  11. Day 11 Departure

    Morning walk, transfer to airstrip, scenic internal flight to Harare departing around midday

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