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Mana Pools and Hwange Safari with Kanga Camp

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  • The safari starts in Harare, Zimbabwe, and ends at the Victoria Falls Airport
  • Breathtaking scenery both in Mana Pools & Hwange
  • Play witness to some of the best elephant viewing in Africa
  • Experience possible wildlife encounters with lion, elephant, wild dog, buffalo and more on foot
  • This is an incredible opportunity to experience the best of what Zimbabwe has to offer
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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
  • Activity Level Challenging
  • Group Size Medium Group
All about the Mana Pools and Hwange Safari with Kanga Camp.


Far removed from any urban landscape, Mana Pools has the special ability to transport you away from taxing modern-day living. Large elephant bulls balancing precariously on their hind-legs as they reach seven or eight meters into the canopy of an Ana Tree, prides of lion stalking Cape buffalo on the open floodplain during the heat of the day, or African wild dog running freely in pursuit of impala within the riverine forests.

Wildlife encounters are endless and intimate.

It is one of Southern Africa’s most undeveloped national parks, and that’s not a bad thing. The park welcomes its visitors to leave the confines of their vehicles, allowing you the life-changing experience of seeing Mana’s majestic wildlife on-foot. This is a rare opportunity to encounter nature in an intimate way, face-to-face and utterly exposed. All encounters are done under the guidance of a professional Zimbabwe guide, as well as your experienced Wild Eye guide. The animals will always have our utmost respect and will never be disturbed for our gratification.

Our idylic tented safari camp during the first 5 days on this Mana Pools Photo Safari is located only meters away from the edge of the mighty Zambezi. The camp is warm & charming and is hosted by a team that puts your comfort & experience first. Exquisite cuisine, campfire stories & the sounds of Africa permeating your canvas tents all form part of an unforgettable encounter with Africa.

After 5 nights on the floodplain we’ll drive to our second camp – Kanga.

Kanga’s located right next to one of the last remaining inland waterholes in Mana Pools. During the dry season much of the park ends up without water and many of the animals need to “migrate” towards the floodplain and the large Zambezi River. There are however a few waterholes that remain further inland and Kanga Pan is one of them, attracting a multitude of animals and birds during both day & night time.
During the day you’ll enjoy many elephants coming for a drink, often within touching distance of the camp’s raised wooden deck. You can even enjoy their company from the comfort of your room as the elephants enjoy the shade provided by the large trees surrounding the pan. Many herds of zebra, impala, kudu, buffalo and more congregate around the water during the day for a drink. There’s also always a chance of seeing a predator coming for a drink during daylight hours.
At night the waterhole takes on a different life. Now the nocturnal animals come out to play and it’s not uncommon to see lions, several different leopards, hyenas and wild dogs come for a drink. Several more uncommon species also venture down to the water like honey badgers, civet, genets, porcupine and more.

Kanga Camp is special and the 2 nights here will give you a special glimpse into what happens further inland in Mana Pools. It’ll be a highlight of your stay, of that we are sure.

Wild, remote, tough to get to and authentic in every way, Hwange offers its visitor an opportunity to see a real & raw Africa. It is unlike any other wildlife destination you’ll ever visit.

It’s home to one of the densest elephants populations in Africa. The giants of the land often utilize the camp’s very own waterhole to drink & bathe from, a sight that all guests really enjoy! The region is also home to many lions, the most well known being Cecil’s Pride.

Many other animals call Hwange home, including 2 rarely seen antelope species – Roan & Sable.
During the dry season wildlife are reluctantly drawn to many of the park’s year-round water-filled waterholes. I say reluctantly, because predators use the waterholes as daily ambush sites during the driest time of the year – the exact time of year we’ll be visiting!

Somalisa Expeditions Camp will be our home for the remainder of this safari. The camp is very well designed and the waterhole out in front of camp attract an abundance of wildlife, a perfect way to end your Zimbabwe safari adventure.

No matter which way you look at it, if you have not been to Mana Pools & Hwange before you are undoubtedly missing out on an African experience of a lifetime. The adventure & excitement that awaits you is like nothing else in Africa.

For those who have been before, it goes without saying that this safari experience is the ideal opportunity for another visit.

  1. Day 1 Arrival

    The safari officially starts from Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe. A chartered flight will fly us into Mana Pools where we will be transferred to our camp. You’ll arrive mid to late morning & enjoy lunch and an afternoon safari activity.

  2. Day 2 Safari

    Full days of safari on the Mana Pools floodplain.

  3. day 3 Safari

    Full days of safari on the Mana Pools floodplain.

  4. Day 4 Safari

    Full days of safari on the Mana Pools floodplain.

  5. Day 5 Safari

    Full days of safari on the Mana Pools floodplain.

  6. Day 6 Travel Day

    After breakfast in camp guests will go on morning game drive packed & ready to check out of Zambezi Expeditions. The game drive will end at Kanga Camp where guests will spend the following 2 nights.
    Transfer time: 2 hours game driving

  7. Day 7 Safari

    Enjoy one full day of safari at Kanga Camp, Mana Pools.

  8. Day 8 Travel Day

    There will be an early morning flight to Hwange, ending at Somalisa Expeditions Camp.
    Flight time: 2 hours

  9. Day 9 Safari

    Full days at Somalisa Expeditions Camp.

  10. Day 10 Safari

    Full days at Somalisa Expeditions Camp.

  11. Day 11 Safari

    Full days at Somalisa Expeditions Camp.

  12. Day 12 Safari

    Full days at Somalisa Expeditions Camp.

  13. Day 13 Departure

    After a morning safari guests will board a plane to Victoria Falls, signaling the end of the safari experience.
    Flight time: 30 minutes

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