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Rain Forests of Costa Rica

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  • Explore one of our planets most diverse regions
  • See incredible birds, fascinating reptiles and interesting mammals up close
  • Photograph birds & reptiles through multiple flash setups and in controlled natural environments
  • Species include the Resplendent Quetzal, toucans, honey creepers, hummingbirds, frogs, snakes & lizards and much more
  • Enjoy the company of a local biologist, a wildlife photographer/group guide & your pro Wild Eye guide
  • Small group of only 6 guests allow for ample one on one time with your guides
  • Visit 3 different destinations across 10 days to allow for the best diverse photographic experience
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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
  • Activity Level Challenging
  • Group Size Medium Group
All about the Rain Forests of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is home to many of the world’s most stunningly designed birds. It does not end there as a host of other fascinating creatures call this rather small region home. From sloths to monkeys, lizards to snakes, frogs & scenic landscapes. It’s an exciting country to visit and the photographic experience simply never stops. We’ll visit 3 exciting destinations on this tour including the low-lying forests on the Caribbean side and also the cloud forests on the highlands. It allows for incredible diversity and gives you the opportunity to maximise your stay in the rather small but beautiful country. You’ll be in the company of a local biologist & naturalist, Ricardo Casarin (operator, host & photographer) and also your Wild Eye guide. You’ll be well looked after in every sense of the word. This is a wonderful tour that’ll showcase the magnificent beauty of Costa Rica to you. Come and see it for yourself and go home with a portfolio filled with colour and beauty.

  1. Day 1 Arrival

    After arriving off your international flight you’ll be met by team members after clearing immigrations and customs. Private transportation will take you to the Hotel in San Jose where you’ll meet the rest of the group for dinner that evening. Overnight in San Jose at Casa Cielo Grande.


  2. Day 2 Laguna de Lagarto Lodge.

    The lowlands of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica are is know to be one of the most incredible birding destinations where you’ll meet many of the regions colourful endemic birds. Our day will start with an early breakfast at our hotel, followed by a road transfer taking us to the lowlands of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. On the way we will drive through the countryside area, and we will have opportunities for landscape photography as we go. Upon our arrival and after lunch and settling in, we will get ready to start shooting. You’ll have some time to familiarise yourself with the regions conditions too. There will be a biologist & photographer ready to assist in addition to your Wild Eye guide. We’ll spend the night at Laguna de Lagarto Lodge.


  3. Day 3 Laguna de Lagarto Lodge.

    To optimize the photo opportunities we will split the group in two on this day. In the morning part of the group will remain at the lodge shooting for medium and large species birds.


    The mid-morning hours will be dedicated to the King Vulture hide whilst the second group will visit a private garden for a variety of colourful small and medium size birds. In the afternoon we switch the groups location to providing equal opportunities for everyone since there is constant birding activity all day at both shooting sites. By the night, half of the group will photograph bats in flight using multi-flash setups. We’ll spend the night at Laguna de Lagarto Lodge.

  4. Day 4 Laguna de Lagarto Lodge.

    Today the group will split in 2 again. It will be an exact switch around from the previous day. This allows for small groups to visit the different sites and allows for maximum and quality photographic time with the stunning birds we expect to see and photograph. Each group will have a photographer to assist. We’ll spend the night at Laguna de Lagarto Lodge.


  5. Day 5 Sarapiquis Rainforest Lodge

    After an early morning breakfast and some more photography around the lodge we will move on to our next destination, Sarapiquí. On the way we will have some stops in case of any photo opportunities. After our arrival at Sarapiquis Rainforest Lodge we will enjoy a delicious lunch and will get ready for photographing hummingbirds in flight.


    There are around 10 different species of hummingbirds including the Violet Sabrewing, Rufous tailed, Black bellied, Green Hermit, and other species. We will have two multi-flash stations for participants to use and the setup will be explained in detail. It won’t be possible for 6 setups to be utilised so guests will rotate and there’ll be ample opportunity to photograph these stunning birds. We’ll enjoy dinner together and overnight at Sarapiquis Rainforest Lodge.

  6. Day 6 Sarapiquis Rainforest Lodge

    After breakfast at the lodge we will dedicate the entire morning for macro photo sessions of frogs in their natural habitat. There will be many species of frogs within a controlled environment for us to view and photograph. You will see many different species from the famous “Red-eyed tree frog” to the little “Glass frogs” whose bodies are transparent and whom make for incredible imagery. Many species of poison dart frogs will be also available for photography. Our team will create different sceneries and compositions using the flowers and different elements that we will find at this amazing place. After lunch we will spend the afternoon shooting Grey-necked Wood rails, Boat-billed Herons, Owls and many more birds. These birds will be easy to find and photograph, the area is rich with life. For the remainder of the day we will explore the surrounding area looking for more of the endemic birds. We’ll enjoy dinner together and overnight at Sarapiquis Rainforest Lodge.


  7. Day 7 Paraiso de Quetzal.

    Today we are moving to the incredible Cloud Forest. On the way we will have some stops in case of any photo opportunities and to take in the surrounding scenery. We will arrive around lunchtime. This area has an entirely new variety of species and photo opportunities. Here we will photograph beautiful hummingbirds to the amazing Resplendent Quetzal. After a delicious lunch, we will get right into the swing of things and start shooting hummingbirds in natural light using perched setups. We’ll enjoy dinner together and overnight at Paraiso de Quetzal.


  8. Day 8 Paraiso de Quetzal.

    After an early morning breakfast we will start the day visiting the Famous Quetzal Quest. We will spend the whole day looking for and shooting the amazing Resplendent Quetzal, one of the most strikingly beautiful birds on our planet today. During this time of year the birds are easy to find and we’ll dedicate time to this exclusively. We’ll enjoy dinner together and overnight at Paraiso de Quetzal.

  9. Day 9 San Jose Hotel.

    We’ll enjoy our final full day in Cost Rica focusing on hummingbirds and more of the other incredible highland bird species in the area. We will photograph using multiflash set ups and natural light set ups to gain the best chance at beautiful photo opportunities.

    After lunch we depart back to San Jose, again staying at Casa Cielo Grande Hotel. You’ll have some time in the afternoon to relax and also to connect with your Wild Eye guide should you need any last minute edits etc. We will have our last and farewell dinner together at the San Jose Hotel.

  10. Day 10 Departure

    After enjoying breakfast together we’ll board a transfer vehicle which will take everyone back to the international airport, ready for the flight back home. This signals the end of the tour & experience.

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