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South Luangwa Safari with Mfuwe Lodge

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  • Densest hippo population in Africa
  • Incredible late dry-season game viewing
  • Search for South Luangwa’s famed wild dogs
  • Dense leopard & lion population, regular sightings of both
  • Small group of only 5 guests, across 9 days of wildlife photography bliss
  • Great diversity of wildlife, including unique species of giraffe, zebra & wildebeest
  • Great chance of seeing the world-famous elephants walking through Mfuwe Lodge
  • The safari begins and ends at Lusaka International Airport, Zambia.
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  • Activity Level Challenging
  • Group Size Medium Group
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All about the South Luangwa Safari with Mfuwe Lodge.


Few places today can offer a glimpse into old-world Africa, the near-forgotten Africa we’ve all so longed to see, all whilst maintaining an incredible wildlife experience second to none. South Luangwa is a slice of Africa rich in wildlife encounters that will leave you jaw-dropped. It is a unique safari destination and far removed, it is wild, it is wonderful & it needs to be seen to be experienced.

This safari experience is new to the Wild Eye offering in that it includes a stay at the world renowned Mfuwe Lodge. Mfuwe Lodge has become famous the world over for the elephants that walk through the reception of the camp each year between October & November in search of the fruiting Wild Mango tree on the camp’s lawn.
You now have the opportunity to see & experience this first hand, something you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

South Luangwa is synonymous with incredible wildlife, beautiful meandering rivers and breathtaking scenery. Many ox-bow lakes remind us of where the river once flowed. Now they fill up annually & provide water for the park’s animals throughout the year. They also provide the perfect cover for a rare species of bird, the Pel’s Fishing Owl – something you’ll be fortunate to see on one of our South Luangwa Photo Safaris.

The variety in habitat and year-round water availability creates an environment suited to a vast abundance of animal species. Leopard, lion, hyena and African wild dog all occur in large numbers. South Luangwa also boasts the densest leopard population in Africa. These top predators are a delight amongst photographers and we aim to spend as much time in their company as possible, both in daylight and under the cover of darkness.

The open plains teem with general game such a zebra, giraffe, puku and impala. Elephants are hardly ever out of sight and the rivers are filled with hippo and crocodile. In fact, the densest population of hippo’s in Africa can be found in the Luangwa River.

This safari is designed to give you the best of the famed Nsefu sector whilst staying at Kaingo Camp, and also to allow you the opportunity to experience the wildlife-rich central parts of the park whilst staying at Mfuwe Lodge. This has to be one of the most exciting safaris on our calender & promises incredible big cat & general game viewing!

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  1. Day 1 Arrival

    We depart from Lusaka International to Mfuwe International Airport. Here we’ll be met by our guide from Kaingo Camp for a 2 hour transfer to camp itself. After settling in we’ll ready ourselves for our first safari experience.

  2. Day 2 Safari

    Full days of safari at Kaingo Camp

  3. Day 3 Safari

    Full days of safari at Kaingo Camp

  4. Dat 4 Safari

    Full days of safari at Kaingo Camp

  5. Day 5 Safari

    Full days of safari at Kaingo Camp

  6. Day 6 Travel Day

    After a morning safari at Kaingo Camp we’ll be transferred to the river where we’ll cross & meet up with Mfuwe Lodge. We’ll settle in to our new camp & enjoy our first afternoon safari here.

  7. Day 7 Safari

    Full days of safari at Mfuwe Lodge.

  8. Day 8 Safari

    Full days of safari at Mfuwe Lodge.

  9. Day 9 Departure

    After a morning safari experience we’ll transfer back to Mfuwe Airport, only one hour from camp. We’ll board a chartered flight back to Lusaka signalling the end of our safari experience.

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