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3 Ways to Maximise Your Safari Experience

For many, a Safari is a once in a lifetime experience, some of whom have waited their entire lives for a week or two's holiday.  There are many things to consider when booking your ultimate adventure, but here are 3 ways you can maximise your life changing experience. 1.  Minimise Your Expectation It is so easy to get carried away with what you might expect to see and experience that…


Are Photographers taking it too far??

With social media becoming part of our daily lives and with Wildlife images flooding the social scene, are photographers putting themselves under pressure to stand out from the crowd and in turn impacting wildlife in a negative way? Now this might be a very controversial topic, but here are a few issues that I have noticed on social media and some thoughts... Low Angle Images There is no doubt that…


Trip report: South Luangwa Photo Safari 1-8 October 2018

As nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts we are constantly looking for new adventures and destinations.  Destinations that will take your breath away.  Places that are wild, undisturbed and still fairly unspoilt and exclusive.  South Luangwa is one of those places. During the first week of October, three guests and myself travelled to South Luangwa, spending the first three nights at Tena Tena Camp and then the next four nights at…


It’s all about the eyes

There are many contributing factors that make a good wildlife image a great one.  The light, the subject, the background and for me one of the most important factors are the eyes. Often when filtering through a particular scene or sighting you will immediately notice that the images that have your subject's eyes open are a lot more attractive than when the eyes are closed or about to close.  When…


Adopting the SAFE mode in Wildlife Photography

Have you recently started your photographic journey and found it tough to know where to start? Heard all these technical terms such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed etc but no idea what it is? GREAT!  This will help you! On a recent Privately Guided safari I hosted to Madikwe Game Reserve, Hwange National Park and Mana Pools, I found an easy way to explain the basics of wildlife photography to…


Trip Report: Incredible India 4-16 April 2019

For a very very long time India has been one destination that has fascinated me and has drawn my attention on many occasions. But what is it about this country that attracts visitors from all over the world? Is it the culture?  The food?  The magical forests?  The possibility of seeing a Tiger in the wild? For me personally it is probably a combination of all of these factors that…

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Trip Report: Mana Pools Photo Safari 9-14 October 2018

There are certain destinations in Africa that just have to be on your bucket list, and Mana Pools is without a doubt one of those destinations. This beautiful park nestled in the the Lower Zambezi Valley, has been documented across all social media platforms and has become famous for its breathtaking Albida Forests and the gorgeous golden light that passes through it in the early morning and late afternoon hours.…

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Wild Eye Diaries #32

Episode 32 hosted by Johan Van Zyl This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro by Johan followed by some experiences from South Luangwa and Mana Pools. 10:55 – Trevor shares some views on upcoming Safaris 15:18 – Mike gives us an update from the Masai Mara 16:57 – Gerry shares his first impressions on Madagascar 22:39 – Andrew shares a video from a recent Private Safari to Mana Pools and Chitake.