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Lion & Ellie

Trip Report: Hwange Safari, October 2016

Do you love elephants? Read on... Do you love lions? Absolutely read on... Do you love staying at a safari camp where animals constantly visit? No doubt the trip report for you... I have been to Hwange several times over the last few years, but no single visit could compare with what I found this time round. I have never visited this region of Hwange before. Boy, where has it…

wild eye

First Glimpse, Jaguars of the Pantanal Safari Experience

I’ve just returned from one of the greatest adventures of my life and certainly one of the most exciting safari experiences that Wild Eye has on offer. Brazil’s Pantanal delivered incredible encounter after incredible encounter. From waking up to the dawn chorus of a 100 different birds on a cattle ranch, to photographing macaws flying across a giant sinkhole. We were able to walk within a couple of feet of…