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Elissa Title – USA –

“Wild Eye exceeded my expectations on my trip to Svalbard,  and continued to exceed my expectations on my second trip (Great Bear, Canada). Both times, Gerry was always available for help with my camera and he changed my life with his expert knowledge on post-processing. After only one trip with him and Wild Eye, I saw a huge improvement in my photography abilities. Prior to my second trip, I wasn’t sure how much more I’d learn but once again, my mind was blown and the difference in my photography is night and day. I love everything about Wild Eye (the booking process, the customer service, the trip, the people who go on the trips, and so much more), and you can bet I’ll be doing more of their trips in the future!! (I’m already signed up for India 2019, a private guided safari, and the migration).This is the only photographic safari company you’ll ever need!!”

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